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寿司概念,的主要理念是希望可以打造一个,充满吸引力,食客想要融入的,充满热情并又充满现代美感的设计空间。 意在成为一个探索或品尝一款哈根达斯冰淇淋或带有冰淇淋的其他美味时最为理想的环境,获得最难忘的品牌价值体验。进入店内,你获得的不仅仅是味蕾的享受,更是一种充满雀跃与灵感的生活方式。

The main idea behind Sushi is to create an engaging, welcoming place with a contemporary, design oriented look & feel. It aims to be the ideal environment to discover and taste HD ice creams and ice-cream based recipes and a place to experience the values of the brand. It offers an inspirational lifestyle approach through a place that invites self-pampering and enjoying.


Dipping line: is one of the main focuses of the shops and is dedicated to ice cream. It consists of the bulk cabinets for ice creams (usually 2 with 8 or 12 bulks each), the ice cake area with the refrigerated showcase and a counter to pack cakes up. One or two upright fridges can be placed in this area for the take away service and ice cakes storage.
It is completed by the Open Kitchen which is where the dine-in recipes and the fresh waffles are prepared in front of the customers.


Above the dipping line the communication to customers consists of a long LED screen to show dynamic videos and a blackboard-like, handwritten menu with the offers and prices.


Coffee corner: this area is dedicated to coffee and all the coffee-based recipes both for take away or dine-in service. Inside the shop, storytelling plays a big role.

画面是由三种元素构成,“原料”“冰淇淋”“咖啡”。 用少量文字及复古手绘描述制成美味的哈根达斯冰淇淋的主原料,如鸡蛋,鲜奶,香草,巧克力,草莓。

There are three main thems: Ingredients, ice cream, coffee. A small text block lists some of the tastiest, real ingredients that are used to prepare the ice cream and the same are also illustrated in a vintage, handmade style (eggs, milk, chocolate, vanilla and strawberries).


Ice cream is illustrated through some of the ways customers can taste it: cones, waffles, scoops and cups.


Good, fresh, Italian coffee is illustrated to explain how tasty all the drinks are.Dining and Lounge area : this zone is a big part of the shop and it is dedicated to the relax of customers, furnished with different seating arrangements such as a long bench along the wall, standard tables and chairs or low tables and chairs so that people can choose their preferred comfort to enjoy their stay.


It is completed by some fixed furniture such as the Merchandising Wall(s) to show all branded gadgets and accessories, the Pint Wall, that celebrates the iconic pint and plays with colors to create an artistic and light partition.